Small town girl. Joins Navy. Sees the world. Flies in planes. Hunts submarines. Gets out of military and has 3 kids. Rejoins Air National Guard as an "old lady" of 38.

A humorous compilation of stories and lessons learned. Usually the hard way.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My first adult publication released today!  No, not that kind of 'adult' story- just my first story without pictures! 

Write on Edge is pleased to announce that Precipice is available to the world!
Congratulations to Shelton Keys Dunning, Julie C. Gardner, AmyBeth InvernessAngie KinghornVictoria KirichokMelissa Rutledge Kirtley, Kelly KohlesJulia A. MakiErin MargolinStacey MeservyRachel PadgetJessie Bishop PowellTracy RimdziusKim Sisto Robinson, Dawn Hobbie Sticklen, Diane Tarantini, and Janice Wilberg on their wonderful submissions to the collection.

You can find Precipice on:
Coming soon in paperback via, and to other major ebook retailers.

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