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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

From our family to yours...

This year was a big one for us as it marked the first year that all three kids are now in school.  School is great.  I’m always so proud and sometimes quite surprised at all that they learn on a daily basis.  For an example:

CJ:  Mom, we need more Irish muffins.  [English?]

CC:  Mom, once I’m a grownup, will you guys be like old grannies?
Human Development.

CC:  I’m going to throw this chicken bone into the yard so it will grow into a chicken tree.
Agricultural Studies.

JP:  [to CC] You were an egg once.  Did you know that?  It was in egg in Mom’s stomach.
Family Life Education.

CC:  JP’s killing a rabbit for me so I can have one and it won’t run away.

CC:  I ‘fought’ I heard a lion in the woods, so I came inside!  (naturally)
Personal Safety & First Aid.

JP:  When I grow up, I’m going to be a butterfly buster.  Almost like a Ghost Buster.
Career development.

Mom:  Um, why are you wearing that bandana around your head?
JP:  Because I’ve been wearing it for a few days now…  Because it was crazy day at school.  And I looked pretty good.  I got a girlfriend that day.

CC:  Do Indians drink out of their shoes?
Cultural Studies.

JP:  No, we went to a craft store.  Not Michaels.  I think it was called Staples or something.  Actually I think Dad just drove around a lot because he was lost, but don’t tell him I said that.
Driver’s Education

Auntie L. (The Crazy One):  Are we going to drive until we stop?
The Law of Physics.

JP:  Mom, how did God create Heaven?
Mom:  I’m not sure.  No one really knows.
JP:  Can we look it up online?
Information Technology.

I’d like to take this moment to thank all teachers everywhere.  I know it isn’t easy.  Our kids are no exception.  May we all continue to learn every day as we ring in the New Year!

Love to all and wishes for a joyous holiday season!

We survived the end of the world.  Now what's next?


  1. I absolutely LOVE this list. I laughed out loud at the rabbit one. I keep a journal for each of my children of the funny sh*t they say. Really--they are priceless. One of my favorites...
    My son: "Mom, can I brush my teeth with mustard?"
    Me: "Um, that's disgusting. But you're welcome to try."

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I keep it all in a journal as well that I can refer to at the end of the year. I wasn't good at keeping baby books. Maybe they'll forgive me when they can read the journal someday!

      P.S. That is hilarious- and horribly gross!

  2. That was such a creative way to share lessons learned. Is that the card you sent out? Love it!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it was the one I sent out. I've been doing quotes for about 4 years now and they seem to be quite a hit. Though as my kids get older, I seem to have less every year. Maybe I could write one on lessons learned based on 'ridiculous decisions of the year' when they become teenagers! Oh they will hate me.

  3. Looks like they're learning a lot! Very cute.

  4. These are great! Be sure to post photos of the chicken tree!

    1. Haha- great idea! Although I'm thinking that could be a scary sight!