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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Lists

Oh Christmas Lists, Oh Christmas Lists…

The moral conflict that every parent faces.  We want to teach our children that Christmas is about giving and not receiving.  We emphasize relentlessly the true meaning of Christmas.  We are extra inspired this time of year to pick a charity to donate our time and gifts.  But, we also want to give to our children, as there is nothing better than to watch their faces light up on Christmas morning when Santa has nailed the ‘perfect’ gift.  It feeds our giving soul, and brings that extra joy and magic to the air.

Grandparents and other family members want in on this mini thrill too.  They want to take part in the joy that comes with giving the perfect gift.  So when grandparents ask, “What do the kids want this year?” my mind always seems to draw a blank.  The other day, however, I overheard as the kids took it upon themselves to put together their Christmas lists.  As I held my breath, wondering just what they could possibly come up this year.  Have they learned to tame down their greed with reasonable requests financially and logistically?  Will Santa be able to deliver this year?  

Now I’m not sure why I haven’t learned yet, but even after 13 years of raising children, they never cease to surprise and/or entertain me.  I hope their lists will do the same for you.  And I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL holiday season full of every day laughs.