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Monday, November 28, 2011

An Innocent Phone Call Quickly Turns Bad...

The other day I was instructed to call to confirm my benefit enrollment package at my current job.  Using my work phone, and being the efficient worker that I like to think I am, I decided to multi-task and dial the number using my speaker without missing a beat and continuing to work at my computer.

It was then that I became acutely aware that perhaps multi-tasking isn't always the effective process that it claims to be.  Of course I've learned this years ago, as the majority of my most embarrassing moments have occurred during a less-than-distracted state of mind. And yet, I continue to try.

Lesson learned:  Do not multi-task when dialing the phone.  It is extremely easy but can appear incredibly motive-altering to confuse the ‘866’ preface with ‘888’.  It just so happens in this story that's what I did.  I then was redirected.  At this point, I was still unaware of my '2-digit mistake'.   I actually became quite “excited” that I "was about to have live talk" as opposed to the routinely expected automated services that these benefit providers often entail.  However, it was not exactly the ‘live talk’ I was expecting.  

While I think she would have been interested in discussing a package- I soon realized the smoky voice on the other end of the line was not speaking of my benefits package.  My eyes grew wide, as I searched for the speaker button as fast as I could.  I picked up the reciever and slammed it down stopping the voice.  I felt dirty. Had anyone else heard?  I listened from my desk.  All that I could hear was the quiet hum of my computer.  Then some talking in the distance.  I waited.  I was fully expecting the IT department to come running down the hall and into my office at any second.  Surely I was to be arrested.  I knew they knew everything we did.  How was I to explain calling a 'dirty' number from work??

I ran down the hall to find someone.  Anyone.  After much discussion next door to me, I was finally reassured by my co-workers that they had not heard the call, and as long as it was an 800 number, and no charge yet- I would be fine.  I was flooded with relief.  Could it be true?  I wasn't going to lose my job after all- or go to jail!  I wasn't sure how they handled this.  I just remembered the warnings from HR.  No surfing porn.  No calling dirty numbers.  No wearing flip-flops.  The rules and expectations were endless.

Of course I'm not sure I should always believe a bunch of retired Navy sailors; however, I still haven't heard anything from the scary IT department- so that's always a good sign.

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