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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What the Hell.

So once upon a time I had a little girl who asked me what the Navy was after I had referred to it one day.  This led to a big discussion full of big words.   Not the big words like the kind I use when she asks me questions that I don’t want to lie, but would just assume and avoid:

Daughter:  Mommy, what is Tampax?  

Me:  Well, you see, [putting forth my most scientific voice] every 28 days in order for suitable and essential reproduction efforts, a woman must menstruate.   Respectively, in order to maintain complete functionality, it is necessary to incorporate a barrier method during this process.

Soon the 5 year-olds mind tires and she moves on to her next thought.  Notice how I was honest and did answer the question?  Wham!  She can never grow up and accuse me of being dishonest.  I'm sure I'll unintentionally cause her to need therapy in other ways.

Back to the Navy conversation- I felt it near impossible not to use ‘big words’ to a 5 yr old such as Tactical Coordinator, and sonobuoy, and In-Flight Technician.  This got my wheels turning.  So, in turn, I decided to write a simple book to describe to her what a typical mom that does typical mom-like things may go off and do while her daughter goes to school.  Then just for the hell of it, I submitted the story to a publishing company that a friend had told me about.  Lo and behold, it shall be on bookshelves in popular stores such as Barnes and Nobles this January.  Who would’ve thought?  How is this possible?

More than the fulfillment of a dream that I’ve literally had people tell me it’s near impossible come true, the best part of it all is seeing the support of my friends and family in such an amazing way.  I cannot tell you how incredibly touched I am at the outpouring of support and genuine enthusiasm that has been showered upon my shoulders.  It touches my heart. 

I haven’t even seen my first copy yet, and I’ve already sold near 100 books to just friends and family that I have e-mailed.  How amazing is that?  They don’t even know if they will enjoy the book or not!  But to them, I don’t think that matters.  I think they just love the thought of someone saying why not give it a go?  Maybe it inspires them too?  If a farm girl from Deer River can make this happen- there isn’t anything that they can’t do. 

I have many quotes that I love from Marilyn Monroe.  One of my all-time favorites is, “Ever notice how ‘what the hell’ is always the right answer?”  I do believe the true test of one’s character is what they accomplish after saying, what the hell.   What would you do if you knew it were impossible to fail?  After you answer that question then answer the question why aren’t you doing it?  Today is YOUR day!

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