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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Found My Cause...

I had the honor and privilege to volunteer with some of our countries true heroes.  It was at a golf tournament in Bethesda, MD and the slinkiest little country club you ever did see.  The women’s locker room was bigger than a banquet room.  All the amenities imaginable.  It’s good to be King!
My first assignment on this day- registration.  Working alongside a former sailor herself, Miss Linda was a PN back in the old salty-sea dog days.  Surely this woman has seen and done it all.  Together we checked everyone’s name off as I got to give the shpeal “If they go down and test drive a vehicle at John Colman’s Cadillac, they will validate this $75 gift card to be used on Callaway products.”  (I learned that Callaway products are golf products.  Good to know!)  Sounded simple enough.  After about 50 times of repeating this same ol line as fast as I could so the people did not walk away from me, I quickly began to feel like quite a salesman.  Something that I am anything but!
And then the games began…   There were introductions, thank yous and dedications.  The National Anthem played, the Color Guard presented the colors like only they can do.  The Warriors were then individually introduced.  A handful of young men that look like your typical guy-next-door.  Except some were missing an arm.  Others a leg.  And some carried their injuries much further inside of them.  All of them carried a secret of a brotherhood that only they could understand.
In moments the time had passed, and the golf carts were off!  Excited to ride in one, I was willing to make up any excuse to go– to help deliver water, etc.  Truthfully I just wanted to see what was going on.  Everywhere.
All in all it was a great day and meeting some of these Veterans was extremely eye-opening.  Some of their injuries were physical, others were mental.   No one escapes such experiences without being a changed person.
I met a young man, and father of five, named Ramon.  He was missing his right forearm, but didn’t miss a beat as he used his golf-club attachment designed just for him.  He told me his story in a matter-of-fact tone.  Not once did he feel sorry for himself.  He had the most positive attitude of any person I’ve ever met.  He said, “How can I complain- I get to golf all over the country, meeting people and raising money for the Wounded Warriors so they can help other wounded veterans.  It doesn’t get any better than this.”
If a man that has seen combat and left behind a piece of himself, it definitely gives perspective to our everyday problems.  I hope to since adopt the motto and live each day believing “It doesn’t get any better than this.”  I’m not a fool- I know I continue to have my moments- but all I can do is start each day over with the same mentality.
As an additional note- I feel like I’ve finally found a cause that is close to home for me and that I feel passionate about.  I will do more in the future for the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

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