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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All Hands on Deck Disclosure

Oh happy day!  My 2nd book is about to go to marketing!!

Written for military children of deploying parents.

And perhaps it’s the former sailor in me, but after I proofread the copy the publishers sent to me in its completed book form, my mind couldn’t help but wander after reading this sentence…

“There are times when we go very long
stretches without hearing from my dad at all.
I always wonder what he could be doing out
there on the ocean for so long...”

And then it occurred to me.

I can only hope I’m not contributing to subconsciously ill-shaping our country’s youth.

Perhaps there should be a disclosure.  Though it's too late to place on the book itself- please spread my warning and exercise extreme caution when reading this seemingly harmless book to your children.


  1. So funny. I have tons of photos like that from my dad's sailor days back in WWll. And CONGRATULATIONS!!

    1. Oh, I can only image- they must be great pics! & thank you so much!! :)