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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tradegy vs. Human Spirit

As I write this, the city of Duluth, Minnesota (about an hour and a half from Deer River) is in a state of emergency.  They have received torrential downpours that have resulted in over a foot of water in less than 24 hours.  Roads are underwater.  Manhole covers are literally blowing off.  Sinkholes are appearing our of nowhere. 

While citizens have lost their homes and vehicles, so far no deaths have been reported which is a miracle in itself.  Unfortunately the city’s zoo was not so lucky. 

“Police officers helped track down a polar bear that got out of its enclosure overnight at the low-lying Lake Superior Zoo where several animals drowned.” ~The Associated Press.

This beautiful city on a hill was originally settled by the Sioux and Chippewa Native Americans.  French fur traders and explorers were the next to arrive in the area.  The railroad was established, and in 1878 Duluth was incorporated as a city.  It soon became a ship-building, lumbering, iron-ore taconite mining area that served as one of the most important centers of shipping on the Great Lakes and remains that to this day.

For us growing up, it was always a special treat to go to Duluth.  It was the largest city near us, full of character and things to see and do.  It bursts with history and emplodes with character. 

Today, Duluth is struggling- literally to keep their head above the water.  (Sorry- too clich√©, I know.)

So today I ask of you to please keep Duluth and it’s citizens in your prayers and hearts for the next few weeks and even months as they begin to pick up the pieces of their homes and city.  They will rebuild because the people there are tough Northerners who have endured some of the harshest conditions much of their lives.  They are hardworkers and they are full of sisu. (Finnish for fortitude- my favorite word.)

Of course they will need help.  But that is what we do when a part of our country is down.  We help them back up on their feet.  Whether it’s the hurricanes on the Eastern and Gulf Shores, flooding along the Mississippi, the fires and earthquakes out West, the tornados in the Midwest, the ice storms in New England, or the Twin Towers in NY. 

Our country steps in and donates their time and extra money- whatever is needed to help the victims. I've seen happen time and time again.  That is the spirit that takes over when devastation attempts to deplete our hope.  It is humanity at its best.

All my love, Duluth, Minnesota.  You will survive.  We will help., WDAY NEWS 6, More Flooding Video from Duluth, MN, History of Duluth, Minnesota

Photo credits:  Bob King / Duluth News Tribune via AP

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  1. Why is it my heart breaks when I hear about animals suffering during these disasters? I will keep them (animals and humans) in my prayers!

  2. Thank you Barbara! I think it's because they are the innocent ones that don't have any say in the matter. It is up to us to take care of them and their safety. (just like children)